the bellum deorum interpretation

Quantum physics can seem pretty strange.

Energy is matter, and both can be waves and particles. Entangled particles can interact faster than the speed of light. Cats can somehow be both alive and dead at the same time...?

What if there was an interpretation that could explain this strange nature - without using a bunch of fancy math, but with fairly simple logic?

The Bellum Deorum Interpretation posits that quantum phenomena are a hint that our entire universe is part of a
A game that casts the player in the position of controlling the game as an entity with divine and supernatural powers.
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god game.

Sound ridiculous? Well, what if the same interpretation answered many unsolved problems in physics including:
  • Why does quantum phenomena, including entanglement, exist at all? As in, what is the actual function?
  • Why is our universe hugely
    Baryon asymmetry: The imbalance between matter and antimatter in the observable universe.
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    out of balance?
  • Why does antimatter seem to be normal matter that simply runs backwards in time?
  • Why has gravity been so difficult to reconcile with quantum mechanics?
The Bellum Deorum Interpretation aims to explain these and more.